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Oct-18 Leftism GBP10.00
Oct-15 r007 GBP3.00
Oct-13 Sk1nn3d GBP5.00
Oct-11 Broccoli GBP3.00
Oct-7 ISPY GBP3.00
Oct-4 Doddy GBP3.00
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Last 9 Shouts:
October 21, 2014, 06:14:33 PM
Without my support he would not have been able to finance the lifesize Seth Rollins doll on Raw last night.
October 21, 2014, 06:13:22 PM
Ive since then withdrawn all that money and put it into the "Dean Ambrose is the future of this business"-fund. VRRRROOOMM
October 21, 2014, 05:19:49 PM
To truly understand recursion you must first understand recursion
October 21, 2014, 04:52:53 PM
Disco put all his money in a company which buys shares in companies which buy shares in companies which buy shares in companies which buy shares in companies which by shares in companies which buy shares in companies which buy shares in companies which buy shares in companies which buy shares
October 21, 2014, 04:52:01 PM
Karthus put all his money on Stone Cold Steve Austin back at Wrestlemania '93 and look at him now.
October 21, 2014, 04:20:43 PM
Put all your money in green bananas. They'll be yellow in a couple of days and then you can CASH IN
October 21, 2014, 03:59:09 PM
Or maybe two weeks or so, depending on if you've WOKEN UP TO THE TRUTH YET
October 21, 2014, 01:56:25 PM
The crash never ends. A few days/weeks/months/years growth only delays the inevitable collapse of our monetary debt based system
October 21, 2014, 09:59:14 AM
Chug what have you to say on the current crash aka when's it going to end.
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