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WDG Recruitment Policy

*Aged 21 or over (18+ by Clan Leader invite only-please do not fill in the app form unless we have asked you to)

*Willing and able to pay £3 a month via paypal only. All members must pay this

*Be a regular visitor to the forum and post as well

*Provide an email/msn contact to enable admins/clan leaders to talk with you outside of the forum.

*Successfully complete a trial period of no less than 1 month

Note: You *must* register on the forums before applying. (It also helps if you post in the introduction thread!)

We want to create and maintain a community aimed at the mature gamer. A place where grown-ups can chat, have a laugh, play games and indulge in childish banter without the annoyance of teenagers and children being abusive or thinking that they're all that. To this end we have a recruitment age of 21+. We may invite people of 18 or older to trial with us if we feel that they would fit in, but will do so under an extended trial period (up to 3 months).

The requirement for the £3 monthly payment covers the running costs of the clan forum and servers (TF2 and mumble). You are not required to pay whilst on trial. However, as soon as your trial is completed and you have been welcomed into the clan as a full member, your first payment is due. It is inevitable that there will be an excess of funds. These will be stored in the clan paypal account to cover for unforseen eventualities (a slump in membership and a shortfall in cash to cover costs) and the growth of the clan. This may include servers for other games as finances allow. The leadership are not doing this as a moneymaking exercise. Should things go belly-up, we will donate the excess money to charity rather than keep it. All members will be regularly informed of money in and out, it is your money!

As part of membership, you will get Moderator status in the WDG Community Steam Group. You will also have basic admin rights on TF2 Server 1. We are currently reviewing additional benefits of membership especially for those who play TF2 less.

The forum forms the core of our community. With all of us getting on with our own lives and having our own commitments, it is the one place that we can keep up-to-date and stay in touch. Because of this and because it is the centre of communications for a competitive clan, we make regular visits to the forum a requirement of membership. All changes to the servers, new rules, clan meetings, practices sessions and match fixtures will all be found here. If you don't or are unable to visit the forum, then you don't need to be a clan member, but you're still welcome on the forum.

We require a method to get in touch with you, without the need for you access to the forum, hence the email.

The Trial period exists to give all concerned a no-obligation opportunity to see if membership is what you want. You, as a potential member get to see if you like it here, like what we're about and get on with the other members. We will monitor how often you visit the forum and server. We'll see what you're like and if we think you fit in with our ethos.

You can choose to end your trial at any point and move on, if you so wish. We will wait the full month before making our decision unless we feel circumstances require an extension to the trial, or think you're so good as to invite you to join before the trial period expires. The decision will be made by all clan leaders. We must all agree that you are right for the clan before an official invite will be issued. If however, an agreement isn't reached and can't be reached despite discussion, membership will not be offered.

This may seem like a very rigid system and not in-line with the relaxed ethos we appear to be pushing, but it is important. It's about respect for your clan mates and the time they spend doing things for the community. It's about creating and maintaining this mature community and it has to be based on a set of principles that we agree to in advance. We don't want our time wasted by someone who is just looking to have a clan tag, because they think it's 1337. We don't want to waste your time by pretending to be something we're not, or offering something that's not available. We want hastle free fun, but because we are all different with different beliefs and values, we need to impose some rules. We hope it doesn't put you off, rather it reassures you that you made the right choice.

If you wish to join and have read and agreed to these rules, please click here
or if you are under 21 please register your interest in this forum section and we will get back to you

Who Dares....Grins Smiley

Who Dares... Grins UK TF2 Clan